The BP-427 CCTV Renovation project consisted of the construction of new and modified infrastructure required to support the renovation of the closed circuit television system (CCTV) and all other related services at the personnel and baggage screening locations throughout the Landside and Airside terminals at the Orlando International Airport. The scope of work included among other things: demolition and construction of ceilings, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, HVAC systems, fire alarm, premise distribution systems, and access control system. All existing public services and utility systems remained in operation during the construction period. R L Burns Inc. provided temporary directional signage, safety, and barricading where appropriate for passenger services. In addition, the Owner, tenants and the public maintained occupancy of the site, the existing building and adjacent facilities during the entire construction period.


Firm’s Responsibility: General Contractor
Project Type: Continuing Vertical Contract
Client: Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Completion Date: November 2012
Construction Value: $2,080,321
Key Personnel:
Project Executive: Bob Burns
Project Manager: April McIntosh
Lead Foreman: Wayne Walters