This project consisted of providing labor and material to remove and install new exterior lighting fixtures on existing poles in roadways and parking areas. A total of 152 roadway and parking area fixtures will be removed and replaced with new LED lighting fixtures. The project does not include the addition of any poles, bases with secondary connections or the replacement of any existing poles. New LED fixtures will be installed on existing poles and connected to the existing lighting circuit at each pole. The project will also include removal of 54 existing high bay HID fixtures in the Hangar of Building 1454 and replacement with fluorescent light fixtures. The wiring and controls will be replaced to accommodate new zoning and lighting controls. The existing panel and breakers will be reused. The existing conduit will be used and new provided where necessary.


Firm’s Responsibility: Design/Build General Contractor
Project Type: Exterior LED Lighting
Client: NAS Pensacola
Completion Date: July 2015
Construction Value: $437,587.64