The V-451 Restroom Renovation project consisted of the design and renovation of two restrooms within the main terminal building. The project team worked very closely with the chosen Architect and GOAA staff to define a scope of work and approved design for the budget allowed for this prototype. The restroom was re-configured to meet current ADA requirements. All new finishes were also installed including: water proofing membrane, new floor and wall tile, new wall carriers for bathroom fixtures, solid surface counter tops, phenolic bathroom partitions, self-contained BradPack units for the handicap stalls, complete sets of bathroom accessories, custom stainless steel radius corners and headers at entrance. In addition, new lighting and improved supply of exhaust air systems were installed. Electrical renovations included:  Removal and replacement of all lighting and ballasts with T5 Technology equipped lighting tied to the building’s emergency power. Mechanical – Existing conditions were investigated to determine usability once approved, such systems were removed and replaced with new supply and return air diffusers. The design / build team worked with the owner to provide an updated aesthetically and functionally pleasing restroom that will become the prototype for the restroom renovations throughout the airport.


Firm’s Responsibility: Construction Managers
Project Type: Tenant Improvements
Client: United Corporate Real Estate
Completion Date: January 2014
Construction Value: $495,093
Owner’s Representative:
Project Executive: Bob Burns
Project Manager: April McIntosh
Lead Foreman: Wayne Walters