The Carver Middle School Comprehensive Renovation Project consisted of the upgrades to the existing HVAC equipment (and associated electrical) in the gym/locker area of Carver Middle School. The existing HVAC roof top units were removed and replaced with four (4) 20-ton units, one (1) 3-ton unit, and one (1) 4-ton unit. The existing ductwork was removed and replaced to accommodate the new units. In addition, all required HVAC appurtenances, i.e. grilles, louvers, curbs, etc. were installed. Supporting electrical work/upgrades needed to support new HVAC equipment were made as well as the installation of several new light fixtures in gym and locker area.


Firm’s Responsibility: Construction Manager
Project Type: Renovation
Client: Orange County Public Schools
Completion Date: October 2008
Construction Value: $234,800