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Consulting Owners Agents

In this capacity, the Construction Manager acts as the owner’s agent and consultant working with the architect, engineers, attorneys, accountants, bankers and public officials to bring the project to the construction start-up.

Throughout this phase, the Construction Manager performs several cost estimates to insure that the project remains within feasibility and suggests ways of correcting or improving the project in accordance with the owner’s desires. Once the project has been designed, the Construction Manager sends the plans and specifications to a wide variety of specialty contractors and suppliers.

A typical project will have more than 30-40 bid packages, each of which usually receives between 3 and 5 bids. These bids are then analyzed by the Construction Manager, the architect and the owner. One of the benefits of multiple bid packages is both potential and actual problems in plans and specifications become readily apparent through specific contractor feedback. As a result, any package which is out of budget can be redesigned and/or rebid without affecting the remainder of the project. This is difficult to do when the entire project is bid as a lump sum price.

Once bid package contracts are signed, the Construction Manager establishes realistic construction schedules in conjunction with the contractors and the architect, so that the project’s progress will be as smooth as possible. This relationship is graphically depicted by the triangle below, which in themselves form a larger triangle. Each of the entities work in unison with the others, through the Construction Manager, to produce the strongest possible structure.

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