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Job Description


Responsible for the coordination of subcontractors or supervision of crafts within the various construction work disciplines and supervises R L Burns Inc. personnel in the self-performed portions of work. Monitors work performance, progress and productivity to ensure schedules are being met within specified quality standards and costs are kept within projected ranges. Performs all functions and responsibilities in consonance with the company’s values and beliefs and in alignment with R L Burns Inc.’s mission.

  1. Leads craft employees assigned to project, and provide liaison between Construction Management or G.C. team and crafts to ensure construction complies with the project preplan, the plans and specifications identified by the owner and R L Burns’ quality standards.
  2. Assists PM in planning work schedule, determining manpower levels, material quantities and equipment requirements.
  3. Leads and monitors work performance and productivity of craft employees and subcontractors to ensure project plans are executed effectively and the project is built within budget.
  4. Advise Project Manager and/or Project Executive of potential problems, critical paths, work interferences, schedule difficulties, etc.;  takes proactive measure to resolve these problems and consults the PM and/or Project Exec in these solutions
  5. Implement and aggressively enforce safety policies and procedures to comply with OSHA and R L Burns Inc. safety program.
  6. Complete time cards to accurately reflect hours worked and activities performed on assigned job(s), tracks expenditures to various work elements. Obtain code and price delivery tickets to all materials delivered to the project site.
  7. Utilize the Construction Management System to perform record-keeping tasks including, but not limited to composing daily report to include activity and schedule updates; maintaining project logs (i.e., concrete, equipment, material) and retrieving RFI’s, submittal logs, and agreements.
  8. Guide and participate in the training and nurturing of craft employees to promote expansion of skills and proficiency levels and a defined career path.
  9. Perform additional assignments and responsibilities in response to Project Manager’s direction
  10. Maintain liaison with other departments (i.e., Purchasing, Engineering, etc.) as required support construction schedule.
  11. Responsible for continuously expanding and updating professional knowledge and honing training skills in order to enhance individual and team innovation and productivity.
  1. Two-year Construction/Engineering degree or equivalent combination of technical training and/or related experience and a minimum of 5 years construction or similar experience, preferably in leadership capacity.
  3. Working knowledge of various construction disciplines, cost control, construction sequencing, scheduling, safety regulations, engineering drawings and other documents required.
  4. Ability to lead and evaluate craft employee and sub-contractor performance.
  5. Working knowledge of department’s computer system, and software.
  6. Ability to assume responsibility, interface and communicate effectively with others.

Quality Control Specialist

Job Description


Manage Quality Control Inspections on the jobsite. In addition, the QC Inspector may perform some of the duties of Project Superintendent. The QC Inspector is required to attend the partnering meetings, QC plan meetings, coordination and mutual understanding meeting, conduct the QC meetings, perform the three phases of control, perform submittal review and approval, ensure testing is performed and provide QC certifications and documentation required in the Contract. The QC Inspector is responsible for managing and coordinating the three phases of control and documentation performed by testing laboratory personnel and any other inspection and testing personnel required by the Contract.


  • Participate in the Preconstruction meeting, Partnering, and Coordination and Mutual Understanding Meetings.
  • Implement the “Three Phase of Control” plan for each DFOW . Submit respective checklists to the Contracting Officer as specified.
  • Ensure that no construction begins before the necessary construction submittals are approved as required.
  • Inspect all work and rework, using International Conference of Building Officials certified QC specialists as applicable, to ensure its compliance with contract requirements.
  • Maintain a rework log.
  • Immediately stop any segment of work, which does not comply with the contract plans and specifications, and direct the removal and replacement of any defective work.
  • Remove any individual from the site who fails to perform their work in a skillful, safe and workmanlike manner or whose work does not comply with the contract plans and specifications.
  • Prepare daily QC Reports and submit on a daily basis (morning of following day) to the contracting officer.
  • Hold weekly QC meetings with the Superintendent and the Contracting Officer; participation shall be suitable for the phase of work. Meeting minutes shall be prepared and distributed after each meeting.
  • Ensure that Safety Officer inspections are performed. Attend weekly Toolbox meetings.
  • Ensure that construction submittals are reviewed and approved, as required by the contract, prior to allowing material on site and work to proceed with these items. Maintain a submittal log.
  • Update As-built drawings daily, maintaining up-to-date set on site.
  • Ability to assume responsibility, interface and communicate effectively with others.

An individual with a minimum of 5 years combined experience in the following positions: Project Superintendent, QC Manager, Project Manager, Project Engineer or Construction Manager on similar size and type construction contracts. The individual must have at least two years experience as a QC Manager. The individual must be familiar with the requirements of EM 385-1-1, and have experience in the areas of hazard identification, safety compliance, and sustainability. In addition to the above experience and education requirements, the QC Manager must have completed the course entitled “Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors.”

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